4‑H science programs are available through local clubs, schools and grant-funded programs. Focus areas for 4‑H science programs include robotics, rocketry, environmental science, agri-science, biotechnology and veterinary science.

Environmental Science & Alternative Energy

4‑H’s programs provide young people first-hand experience in utilizing alternative energy, conserving energy and learning how to limit humanity’s impact on our environment.

Engineering & Technology

4‑H programs use hands-on activities in robotics, rocketry, computer science and electrical engineering to teach problem solving, creative and critical thinking, and build excitement for engineering and technology.

STEM SparkS Curiosity

4-H STEM learning experiences spark youth interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. Spark Champions (youth and adult mentors) nuture these sparks to deepen and sustain STEM engagement.

We strive to help youth:

  • Have fun doing science

  • Engage in science and engineering practices

  • Identify as science people,

  • Become fluent in STEM

  • Develop environmental literacy

  • Be ready for college and careers